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Dr.Md.Ferdous Qualification BHMS (University of Dhaka,P-1) DHMS(Bangladesh Homoeopathy Board, FHMCH) M.A in English (Literature and language )National University of Bangladesh. B.A Honours in English (Literature and language )National University of Bangla


Homoeopathy the natural Science

7 Cardinal Principles Of Homoeopathy One should know the seven cardinal principles of Homoeopathy on which it is based as then you are sure on how safe and effective is this system of medicine. ##1. Law of Similia Similia similibus curentur i.e. let like


Cold and Homoeopathy

Use these as the character of the patients ACONITUM: This remedy is useful primarily during the first 24 hours after the onset of a cold. Typically, the child develops her cold or cough after being exposed to dry cold weather. She wakes from sleep with a

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