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Ambra grisea.

Ambra grisea. Mind and Disposition. Great restlessness. Hastiness and nervous excitement when talking. The fancy is crowded with fantastic illusions. Aversion to talking and laughing. [5] Embarrassed manner in society. Despair, loathing of life. Head. Ver


Homoeopathic Polycrast

1. Abrotanum 2. Alumina 3. Ammonium Carb 4.Anacardium 5. Antim Crude 6. Antim tart 7. Argentum met. 8.Arnica Mont. 9. Arsenic alb 10. Aurum met. 11. Bryta carbonica 12. Belladonna 13. Baptisia 14. Bryonia Alba 15. Calcarea carbonicum 16.Calcarea flour 17.


Homoeopathy the natural Science

7 Cardinal Principles Of Homoeopathy One should know the seven cardinal principles of Homoeopathy on which it is based as then you are sure on how safe and effective is this system of medicine. ##1. Law of Similia Similia similibus curentur i.e. let like

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